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HoneyBaked Ham, a gourmet food, holiday meals, spiral slices, honeyglazed , special occasion food, entre, table ready,  ham stores also serve sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Catering is available. The ham is a smoked and cooked product. They are true family restaurants.

The Honey Baked Cafes are full service restaurants with locations in:

  • The Beaverton Town Square
  • The Water Tower at John’s Landing
  • the Hilltop Mall in Oregon City
  • The Clackamas Town Center

There are temporary locations for the holidays in:

  • Lloyd Center
  • Salem Center
  • Vancouver Mall
  • Gresham Station

In addition to serving the world’s best ham, HoneyBaked Ham, they offer a large variety of sandwiches on pita bread, Kaiser rolls, buns or whole grain bread.  Every day they feature a couple of hand made soups and a variety of desserts.  The cafes are truly fine restaurants with budgetary pricing.  Many people don’t know that HoneyBaked Ham can be purchased in slices now, in addition to half or whole hams.  HoneyBaked also features baked and smoked turkey breasts plus a line of side dishes that will complete any meal.    In the area where you order your hams, they have a large selection of condiments, jellies, soup mixes, mustards and chutneys.  Whatever you need for your meal at home, they can supply it.

But, the HoneyBaked Ham Cafes offer all the products that are sold for the take-home market in prepared form in the restaurants. Sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts combine to make up a fine meal at any of the restaurants.

Throughout the country, very few HoneyBaked Cafes offer the variety the Oregon HoneyBaked Stores offer.